Companies and institutes that deployed AI technologies

Top 10 companies and institutes that started or deployed state of the art AI or Robotics tech in 2013 or plant to release soon in 2014-2015. These researches mainly focus machine learning, natural language processing and robotics.
  1. Google Inc. - Machine learning, Self driving cars
    (Research at Google)
  2. Wolfram Alpha LLC - Computational knowledge
    (Computational Knowledge Engine)
  3. IBM - Watson
  4. IBM Almaden and India
    (IBM scientists create most comprehensive map of the brain’s network)
  5. Honda - Asimo
    (The Honda Worldwide ASIMO Site)
  6. DLR - SpaceBot, robot race
    (Page on Www)
  7. Evi Technologies Ltd. - EVI
    (Evi | Ask me anything)
  8. EPFL - Blue brain project
    (Bluebrain | EPFL)
  9. MIT - Start
    (The START Natural Language Question Answering System)
  10. Technische Universität München - Mask-bit
    (Mask-Bot: Ein Roboter mit menschlichem Antlitz)