Top 10 companies and institutes that started or deployed state of the art AI or Robotics tech in 2013 or plant to release soon in 2014-2015. These researches mainly focus machine learning, natural language processing and robotics.
  1. Google Inc. - Machine learning, Self driving cars
    (Research at Google)
  2. Wolfram Alpha LLC - Computational knowledge
    (Computational Knowledge Engine)
  3. IBM - Watson
  4. IBM Almaden and India
    (IBM scientists create most comprehensive map of the brain’s network)
  5. Honda - Asimo
    (The Honda Worldwide ASIMO Site)
  6. DLR - SpaceBot, robot race
    (Page on Www)
  7. Evi Technologies Ltd. - EVI
    (Evi | Ask me anything)
  8. EPFL - Blue brain project
    (Bluebrain | EPFL)
  9. MIT - Start
    (The START Natural Language Question Answering System)
  10. Technische Universität München - Mask-bit
    (Mask-Bot: Ein Roboter mit menschlichem Antlitz)


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