The digital assistant of the future

We always comply that no intelligent agents are available on the market, but really do we even know what we need in everyday life, what could be a big help for us? This article intents to collect the most important attributes and capabilities that an personal AI assistant should have in the future.
  • Learn” everything I heard, saw and experienced in my life, be always with me, without further interaction of myself
  • Arrange writing short simple e-mails, that takes time to write, but includes only basic information (meetings request, pushing additional information)
    “Dear XY, According to the XY meeting I attach the following documents to this e-mail…”
  • Remark my ideas that came suddenly from nothing, and I always forget half of them (the other half I try to note down)
    “I saved what you have said in the last minute, the idea name will be ‘Project Plan X’. The date is today 20/12/2013 16:00pm."
  • Be always available and answer on basic questions, that are obvious for me (for example my colleague asked me where to login to a service, which is quite easy to answer)
    “XY, please find the requested information on page (html link), please feel free to ask any other question in this respect”
  • Remember me on important events (birthdays, meetings)
    “Your fathers birthday is on the next week”
  • Help with ideas, when I write a book, or during the work, or even where to buy a present :-)
    “Do you ever heard about Einstein’s famous quote ‘It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer’ ”
  • Collect automatically information on the web what I am interested in. I spend every morning 10-15 minutes to read the latest news, and keep up-to-date. However I want mirror much more resources, I just not able to read all of them, and only the minority of the news are interested me.
    “I would recommend an article in topic ‘Artifical agents’, the title is ‘New intelligent AI is produced by IBM’, the most interesting part of the article is …”
  • Have a personality, at least should act as a male or female. Maybe it can have more detailed personality like being cheeky, cheerful, happy or humorous.
    “How is your mood today, want to hear some inspiring information about your friend? I just looked up on facebook."
  • Care about my safety and health, not just eating this or that, but if I drive a car, and it is clear that a bicycle will go straight front of me, help to pay my attention on this event
    “Bicycle will appear from your right”
  • Be capable to interact with me and understand me. Conversation is important for people, someone who is paying attention on me, always recharges me.
    “What will we do today (together)? How do you feel yourself?”