Why does the bad guy always get the pretty girl?

“Bad guy" is a fairly accurate wording of this type of man.

Actually we should identify the attributes of this "Bad guy”:

  • Definite/confident
  • Initiator
  • Has his own will
  • His job/lifestyle has something that is taboo/dangerous for most of us
  • Unattainable (pissing off girls)
  • Gives strong attention - eye contact (but not in every moment)
  • Have money (indicator of success)

Most of these attributes are that we can call “power traits”, and this makes these guys more attractive than others.

Attraction and kindness is just two things, but if you are too kind to a woman, she will feel that you are submissive/ subordinate and you do not have your own way, your own will and this suggests, that you are week.

Excitement is the key factor if you would like to attract girls to you, and these qualities help to build an image of excitement.

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