The Journey


After a long year everybody starts to evaluate his or her achievements, starts thinking what he or she did good or wrong, and asks him- or herself was 2012 a good year?



A deep working man could be known by thinking about the future or the past when he or she has some time to rest. I traveled on the plane in the autumn and during the flight I did not cared about the present, how I feel, what I am interested in. I just wondered about tomorrow: a difficult meeting with difficult topics and no one can you help to solve the issues. This is when you lost yourself a little bit, you do not live in the now.

After finishing a project or task, you always think was it worth to do this, was it worth to sacrifice more time more effort, was it worth to work over the 4 days holiday? Most of the people stop at this point and they get disappointed. In most cases people have less recognition than they deserve to have. Nobody knows what they did or sacrificed during the year. It is not the mistake of the leaders in most cases it is accidental, that your boss realizes your performance, or even does he or she has time to thank you.


At this point we should forget about bosses, shareholders, because everything what is important is You and Your opinion. The story is all about You. You were there when You faced with the hardest times, and You win. You did it. It is a little bit hard to understand why is it so important. We all know that we want to collect as many attention and recognition from other (boss, shareholders, parents, friends) as many we can, but suddenly you realize, there is no more recognition in respect you done this year. But the last word has always Your decision.

The Journey

Every great journey starts with a decision, that you want to step out from your comfort zone. Remember you start every story with a blank page. Forget what you know about others, what you feel about others, and even what others think about you.

When you start the journey you let the past behind, you know that your knowledge will be useless, and you can trust only your experience and intuitions. New persons, new faces will emerge during the story, but so will it be so excited.

Remember when you arrive to the destination, you will never remember about what it feeled, but you will always remember about the journey, and the adventures in between. If you feel stronger in mind after this year journey, you became more.

So are You ready to start Your Next Year JOURNEY?

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