What makes a good leader?


This article is a short summary of my experiances about leadership. However these points are very simple to write down every fresh leader should learn these things from one by one, to have deep understanding.


Nature of good leader

  • Always be prepared
    If you have a meeting with your team, you should always spend time to prepare for it
  • You are the Hero of your team
    Whether you want it or not, you will be the one who will be followed, you should show always the best of yourself (if you are unstable, you team will be unstable, if you are focused, your team will be focused)
    If you do extraordinary job, if you are on time at meetings, if you do late night jobs, if you do your best, your team will follow you
  • Give strict but honest valuations
    Saying the hard truth is not always pleasant, but a must
    Focus always on the improvement
  • A "Thank you" is more important than money
  • Listen to your team
    Most of the time, team can solve every problem facing with you, because your problem your teams problem, and your teams problem is yours. Listening carefully will always help to understand their inner thoughts, and yes it can cause further work for the leader, because good leader cares
  • Give vision
    Saying day by day what to do to your team members will narrow their focus, and they will some time later just "follow the commands"
    You should give them further vision, a goal, which is consist of not only numbers, but values. Vision, mission, value creating meetings could help to develop these goals. You should be at honest on these meetings as you can, sharing your hopes and what you want to be reality
  • Delegate tasks consists of not only to say focused what to do, and what the expacted outcome is, but also giving the "Why"
  • Sit next to your team members
  • Pair working will help to improve the efficiency of your job expecially when you have complex job and also will help to
  • Be calm
    Never loose your head, or if you does do that with a purpose
  • Be determined
    Did you ever feel insecure yourself, and did not find the right way? Just go ahead!
  • Self-discipline
    If your want to be the best leader, you should achieve your team to believe that they are the best
  • Consequent behaviour tells strength about your personality to others, you can be wrong, but accept others truth only when it is established
  • You should choose between "A" or "B"
    First glance it could be very fun, always giving the final word, but after some time it is not so simple. You should learn how to even giving a decision, because a bad decision is always better, than no decision. Taking the risks will do you a great leader
  • Don't be a sheep
    Not everything others says is good, even if the majurity is swearing on their lifes, and even if the analisys says that

...and why this really works? Because we should solve the candle problem



  • Keep eye contact during converstaion
  • You should look always into your collage's eyes
  • Listen carefully
    A good leader is a good listener
  • Use words like
    • "We" instead of "I" or "You"
    • "I trust in Your job"
  • Your body tells the rest of the story
    Your gestures and body language, are as important as you say in person. Learn how to controll it.
  • Smile
    A smile shows that you like what you are doing


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